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New Bungie IP Possibly an Action RPG, not Call of Duty

bungielogo Recently Bungie signed a ten year publishing and distribution deal with the antichrist of video games publishers, Activision - even despite all the legal issues going on between it and Infinity Ward.

Something caught my eye the other day, and that was their new IP that they’re working on other than Halo Reach will actually be something new, for the first time in who knows how long. And it’s rumoured to be an Action RPG, similar in style to Mass Effect or even Deus Ex.

The studio is currently looking for a lead writer for the storyline of the game.

"Can you inspire artists to create whole worlds and races of creatures with a few, quality keystrokes? Your words will help define Bungie's next game universe."

It looks as though they heeded the words of the all knowledgeable Randy Pitchford a while back, who urged Bungie to do something other than Halo for a change.

Bungie has made it clear though that this new title will not be Call of Duty, even despite the terrible situation involving Activision “shooting the race horse” that was IW, putting the Call of Duty, and Modern Warfare, series in jeopardy.

In related news, the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta is now live, and it can be accessed through the Halo 3: ODST disc, if you have it. The download “weight” is 1.15 GB. The beta runs until May 19.

"The download process may be subject to extended wait times. Server load is expected to be extremely high, especially during the first few hours and days of Beta availability. Please bear with us and stay tuned to for news and information."



New Bungie IP to be an action RPG, suggests job listing [VG247]
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