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True to my word, like I said the other day, I ended up installing Doom 3 again on my PC. I fished out the “Best of” DVD box that I bought for Christmas years ago, which saves me having to patch the game endlessly. I also installed a few mods, but I don’t know how many of them are actually working since at least on of them is a standalone one, not meant to be played with others.

But I am trying out AMS, or Allied Squad Marines, a mod which enticed me into playing the game again in the first place. Those dudes, like the one in the picture above, aren’t so smart it turns out, and will often not follow you like they should, or get stuck in walls, or fail to move out the way in a critical moment and you end up getting killed by a trite [spider thing], or they end up killing you by shooting you in the back, but anyway… fun.

When I first played the game years ago, brand new off the shelf, my system could only run it at medium in terms of graphical beauty. Now I can play the thing at ultra quality. That’s what I like about playing the classics. The characters are still bloody ugly though.



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