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Rage gets a Release Window, New Screenshots, Similar to Borderlands?

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rage All has been quite on the subject of Rageid Software’s first real developed game since Doom 3, and the first original IP since Quake.

But some news hit recently about the post-apocalyptic themed title, and it was concerning a release date.

Bethesda, the publisher says that the game should be out next year. In other words, 2011. For a while there we were expecting it to come this year. All the versions of the game – PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 – will be released simultaneously.

Tim Willits of id Software gave reasons why the title would not see 2010:

“Because we haven’t even hit alpha on this thing yet. But we’re working very hard and we’re getting close to that. But it’s important that we get this right. There’s nothing worse than pushing something out before it’s ready.

And the great thing about Bethesda and Zenimax is the executive management has the faith in us to give us the resource that we need to do the right game. Because, trust me, it would be horrible if we were to release it and it was bad.

As you saw, it’s running well on the 360. There are some graphical things that John’s working through, that he’ll get fixed. But the engine’s pretty solid.”

There was also talk about the fact – and I’ve thought this for some time – that Rage looks quite similar to Borderlands. I also thought Fallout 3 as well, seeing as some claim that’s the game that clinched the deal between id Software and Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, last year.

But the Design Director on the game, Matt Hooper, stepped in to give his take:

"I can see fans drawing comparisons -- and people naturally want to draw parallels between existing things -- but no, we're not just making another 'Doom' here. It's something new for us."

Rage is not a procedural landscape with heavy RPG elements and a billion weapons. It's a very crafted, focused, action shooter with a level of attention to detail that's just off the charts."

We knew we wanted to have vehicles, and that we could make a kick-ass shooter, so the two came together in a very natural way for the team."

We've got a finely crafted weapons, really creative engineering items like deployable turrets and remote controlled bombs. It's all about creating a rich universe to use the array of weapons and options at the player's disposal."

It's not a bad thing that people draw comparisons. I just hope that people get more information and see demos and really realize what makes Rage so unique. Even if this post-apocalyptic wasteland seems familiar at first."

In addition to all this, there’ve been some new screenshots released for the game as well.

RageaRageb RagecRaged Ragee

By the way, if you local SA gamers, or those in the UK even, happen to watch GameFace on Tuesdays, last night you would have heard from Julia Hardy that they will doing a feature on the game sometime soon.



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