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The Replacements: An Online Video Game Manual Archive

Unreal You know the other day that Ubisoft was talking about doing away with printed video game manuals? I just happened to come across this post on HBG [Hot Blooded Gaming] where they talked about this online archive of video game manuals that have been scanned.

This is nothing new and other sites, even abandonware ones like Abandonia, have scans of manuals and box art for some of their games, mainly old classics, but I decided to check this one out anyway.

This site isn’t new either, but it has scans of games both old and new. And it’s not just for PC games, but many other consoles too. There are plenty of manuals on here that I’ll be taking a look at though. I’ve bought some games like Mortal Kombat Trilogy second-hand, which didn’t come with a manual – only the disc.

I still have a lot of my old game manuals hidden away somewhere. Among the ones I treasure dearly, as I said before in my other post regarding this subject, include Red Alert 2, No One Lives Forever, Unreal, Mortal Kombat 3, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. I’ve even got one for Fade to Black. The funny thing is I lost the game somehow; not the manual. I think one of my ex-friends might have stolen it.


Source: The Online Video Game Manual Archive [HBG]


They just don't make manuals like they used to []



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