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TrailerBlazer - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Teaser

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

I had a look at this on The Verge the other night. It’s the teaser trailer for the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. which will be out later this year.

The trailer starts off with these words: “Technology evolves. Threats evolve. Yet war…is constant. The solider of tomorrow must rise to meet these new threats.The future depends on it.

This intro has instantly been compared to Fallout’s key phrase “War. War never changes.”

From there the trailer shows a bit of fancy graphical stuff, similar to what you’d see in Modern Warfare 2’s briefings, with a few glimpes of stuff and fluff, including some Predator-esque camouflage which sticks in my mind. Oh wait, Crysis all ready did that.

But no real gameplay was seen in this short teaser which clocks in at just about 1 minute long. But it’s early days yet.



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