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BioShock 2 Action Figures Available now: Have Your Very Own Big Daddy

BD The game’s out this week, the soundtrack’s out this week. What else is there to add to your BioShock 2 collection? These action figures perhaps?

I read about it the other day, and then when I was stocking my Amazon aStore, I saw them (they’ve been added too), and I decided to do a post.

I’m not big on action figures. I used to play with Corps, which were similar to G.I. Joes, but I am amazed at some of the detail and effort that goes into making them. And not to mention, this is BioShock 2 inspired stuff. Now I do like stuff to do with games.

At the moment, on Amazon there are about 7 figures by NECA, one which has been available since last year: the Big Daddy Deluxe version. The others are likely scheduled to coincide with the release of the game and soundtrack this week (probably all ready happened). No doubt the best selling figure so far is the Big Daddy plush doll.


Sources: Big Download



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