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TrailerBlazer: Aliens vs. Predator Marine Trailer

Aliens vs. Predator Marine trailer

I was lucky enough to catch a good look at the AvP Marine trailer before The Verge went off air the other night. Most of the show was boring, but this two minute long video managed to grab my attention.

In this trailer we see a lone marine who seems to be communicating with someone over the radio. It’s almost pitch black besides the ominous blue lighting in the distance, as well as the flares and intermittent flashes of pistol fire as the Xenomorphs run rampant on floors, walls, and ceilings. You can hear the hisses in the darkness punctuating the techno music blaring.

The player manages to dispatch most of them before running over to a corpse and picking up the old faithful Pulse Rifle and going back in to the fray of frantic scratching and clawing as the aliens attack remorselessly. But eventually he succumbs as the screen goes black, and the aliens crawl all over his lifeless body.

This game looks pretty good, but be warned, Game Informer wasn’t very impressed when it came to reviewing it – the first review of AvP. It scored only 5.75 out of 10. Not very impressive, but the game still has to be released and reviewed by others. Not everyone will like a game. I mean, remember D’toid with Assassin’s Creed II? Everyone else thought it was pretty grand…

Aliens vs. Predator should be out later this month, the 16th of February, for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Let the heart-attacks and night shrieking begin…



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