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Fallout: New Vegas - Details, Features, Vegas, Baby


Fallout: New Vegas details were given in issues of various magazines lately, one of them none other that PC Gamer. I used to read that magazine a lot, but it costs a lot to buy here, I think, and the availability is also a problem seeing as Paperweight in Tygervalley Centre closed down.

Anyway, about those details. Everyone else is doing these lists, so I thought I would too. They’re not exactly the same as other blogs though. I did take the time to read through most of them, reword them, and add in my own little comments, as well as exclude all the fluff. Fun!

  • It's a first-person RPG. Fallout 3 had third person view as well, so whether they will opt to incorporate this or not will become apparent as time goes by.
  • It uses the same engine as Fallout 3: Gamebryo.
  • A new "Hardcore mode" will be available, in which stimpacks heal over time instead of instantly, ammo has weight (Fallout 3’s ammo didn’t), and players can suffer from dehydration, unless they drink something.
  • The story focuses on a conflict between three factions: the New California Republic, supposedly from Fallout 2, and located at McCarran Airport, Caesar's Legions, located on the Vegas strip, and the residents of New Vegas. The Super mutants are at Black Mountain.
  • Instead of the Capital Wasteland, like in Fallout 3, this wasteland is referred to as the “Mojave wastelands”.
  • The city of Las Vegas is mostly still intact, but it’s probably not in the same condition as it was hundreds of years ago.
  • There are new super mutants, as well as ones from Fallout 2 and 3 with different attributes, including the elite Nightkin.
  • Locations in the game include Fremont, Primm, the Hoover Dam, and Area 51 (Yeah!).
  • The player is not a Vault Dweller like in Fallout 3 but a courier who is rescued by a friendly robot.
  • You will have a Pip-Boy, but it’s given to you by a vault dweller.
  • New weapons will be available. Apparently one that looks like an M4 assault rifle (part of the M16 family. Come on, you’ve played Modern Warfare!). Wonder if the H&K 33A2 (or G3A3) model and the Chinese assault rifle will come back?
  • Followers can be managed via a context-sensitive menu. Thank you. No more having to keep going back and forth and talking to them all the time.
  • There are special moves for melee weapons in VATS.
  • Skills have a bigger effect on conversation choices.
  • There is a Reputation system in addition to Karma, like in the Elder Scrolls games such as Morrowind.

In related and covered news, a trailer was released for New Vegas recently, and the release date was given as Fall 2010.


Source: Duck and Cover



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