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ROTT Reboot isn’t Really a Reboot: Coming to iPhone


Man, this was a bit of a let down, don’t you think?

For months, rumours having been going around that Rise of the Triad, that all but forgotten classic FPS from the 90’s, would be getting a reboot. It turns out that reboot is actually just the game coming to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’ll be available on the App store, but as for a release, they said “soon.”

Apogee Software and Mobila Interactive are working together on this project.

That’s fine for some folks, but here I was expecting something a little bigger. I may have gotten my hopes up a little. But one wonders if this may just be the start of something else. I don’t know if ROTT with all its quirkiness would actually work with today’s technology, and demanding standards, and “fans”.

From what I’ve read on the game so far, it looks as though it may be getting a few tweaks. But I’m probably getting the same functionality out of playing around with ROTT on the PC with WinRottGL (Birger got a new web address for this site by the way. It used to be something else).


Sources: Twitter7outof10



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