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Medal of Honor to Come out Q3 September 2010

MoH Medal of Honor, the reboot, has been scheduled for a release sometime between the months of July and September, 2010.

It’s been speculated that this date is to “avoid” Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a game by DICE, who’s also working on the multiplayer part of Medal of Honor.

Kind of like letting a teammate through to win in formula one or something I guess. And Medal of Honor will cross the line later on in the year, in Q3 2010. Hell both games even have the same publisher in EA, and BC 2 is advertised on MoH’s website.

But some are saying that the next Call of Duty might pose a threat. But history shows that CoD games are traditionally released more towards the end of the year (each and every year), in Q4, so if MoH can beat CoD by a month or two at least, it shouldn’t have much of a problem.

Funny how the whole of last year’s Q4 line-up was pushed into 2010 by bloody Modern Warfare 2. At least we have plenty of excellent games to play in Q1. January was good with Mass Effect 2, February is all ready seeing some great ones, and so will March.

By the way, I read recently that Medal of Honor’s website has some interesting additions, like franchise pages, which show what some of the other MoH games in the past were like. There are even videos showcasing the past games. I’ve said it before, but Allied Assault was a great game back way when.


Sources: TVGB



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