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Yes! I’ve Finally got Blood Running Nicely!

No, I haven’t slit my wrists, and I’m not bleeding all over the carpet. I’m talking about the game, Blood.

I started playing it last year about this time, but the framerate was horrible, and the sound was rubbish. But a return visit to the famous Build XP page and forums at Deathmask, and a bit of the old RTFS method has allowed me to get the thing running almost perfectly. I had all ready downloaded all the programs and files like NOLFB, CLI2NOP, and VDMSound etc, long ago, but just a bit of messing around with the soundcard settings and a bit of black magic, and things work all of a sudden.

The framerate is a lot faster, and the sound and MIDI music nearly flawless, although there’s that squeaking that happens while running it in DOSbox every now and again. I haven't tried running it through Windows or the command prompt yet.

Before that, I was running the game through the command prompt, and getting some horrible slow-paced gameplay, and practically no sound.

I guess soon I’ll have to update my Classis Games Resurrected: Blood article, seeing as I couldn’t get the sound working back then.


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