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The Verge is Dissing Assassin’s Creed Again

I don’t mean to sound like this, like some sort of disgusting fanboy, but just wait a minute while I get this off my chest.

I liked Assassin’s Creed a lot, and Assassin’s Creed II is one of my most anticipated titles for this year (well, it was, until the PC version was delayed until 2010). So, it irks me a little when I have to listen to some people run it in to the ground all the time.

On The Verge, Pippa called Splinter Cell: Conviction “Assassin’s Creed: Modern Warfare”. OK, so that might be more of a dig at Splinter Cell: Conviction, but still. Then I had to listen to Muhammed “Mo” Nagdee, one of those deplorable sports fanatics, who only appears on the show when FIFA 10 or some racing game bonanza is on the card, run his mouth off with some other guy about how Assassin’s Creed didn’t “do it for him”, and other nonsense.

Then the other day “Pipsqueak” Tshabalala was doing a little intro on the latest Assassin’s Creed II trailer (the one with the prostitutes), and coughed and muttered under her breath, “Prince of Persia rip-off”.

Strike three.

Tshabalala is trying too hard to be cynical and whatnot these days. I think the whole tattoos and bad girl image is fake, myself, and she’s usually uttering some nonsensical rubbish on The Verge and PlayR. I wish they’d get someone else. She’s starting to get on my nerves. When the show goes off air, she’s pulling faces and making funny noises. She’s clearly insane or immature, or both.

And not to mention her hairstyle. She looks as though she cuts her own hair...blindfolded.


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