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3DR Hints at New Duke Announcement Soon

So, it was spotted by a guy on the duke4,net forums, that Scott Miller, on his Facebook page had this message posted recently: "Something big and unexpected will soon be announced."

To follow this up, George Broussard left a comment on Shacknews, in response to a fan wishing for a new Duke Nukem game:

this looks more interesting than the full game. i wish they would have gone back to the roots for duke nukem again. another manhattan project.. man that game would have done better if it came out out much later as an XBLA title"

GB: "You may get your wishes."

I've noticed that comments made by people posting on that forum thread as well as on the news piece are quite cynical. This is likely nothing new on the internet, but I just sense a change in tone. In the last couple of posts, Yatta's been all like, "Nobody gives a stuff about 3DR","3DR doesn't care about us," and 3DR's screwed us enough."

I guess it's probably true though. The kids who waited for DNF have all grown up.

The announcement has been confirmed by Scott Miller as being Duke related, but nobody really knows whether it's about DNF or the Duke Trilogy, or some other Duke Nukem game.




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