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Rumblings: A Minesweeping Adventure Game?

I like weekends because news is usually slow, and a lot of sites out there take Saturday or Sunday off, or else just a bunch of uninteresting things. Big Download however had something that raised an eyebrow of mine just the other day, when they posted about a rumour of an adventure game based on the Minesweeper game that comes with Windows, in the games section of your start menu, along with all the other more card-oriented games, like Solitaire.

It seems a bit far-fetched to say the least, but G4TV says that Revolution Software, the British lads behind classics like Beneath a Steel Sky, and the Broken Sword series are actually developing the title. The game will reportedly have characters and a story, telling you all about why there are mines all over the place.

I don't know about Minesweeper, but I certainly spent more than a few hours in total on Hearts. Microsoft Hearts is actually a version of Hearts called Black Lady, or Black Maria, by the way.

As for this Minesweeper game, it's supposedly by a studio with a reputation for producing good games, and I can just imagine the scene: it's like a war game which places you in control of a minesweeper, kind of like the sapper from Commandos, and you have to go through minefields...and sweep for mines...and disarm them...or get blown up. That should be fun. It sounds weird, but perhaps possible. But I doubt it would ever really be a major title.

People really are scavenging around for video game ideas nowadays. But then again, it is just a rumour.



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