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I Need to Free up Some Hard Drive Space

The hard drive I got nearly three years ago is a SATA II 80 GB. It's nowhere near top of the range, but I am planning on perhaps buying a new hard drive some time.

In the mean time, out of 80 GB, I only have about 6GB. You can imagine how slow the thing probably runs. Sometime I've got to make a backup, do a disk defrag, do some late spring cleaning on the thing, and uninstall some of the stuff on there.

Putting Modern Warfare 2 on took up about 11.5 GB or so, and in order to accommodate this I had to take off some games that nobody plays anymore, like Prototype. I don't know, I didn't really find it that fantastic. I kept all my save games and such though.

I also took of the Trine demo, and the Trails 2 demo as well. So, now to get rid of something else perhaps.


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