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Possible NAG January Edition DVD Highlights: The Dark Mod

Well, I was on the NAG forums just now having a look around, because I wanted to see if a new thread was open for NAG DVD suggestions. Seeing as the website has a policy that you must post 20 posts in existing threads before being able to post new threads on your own, I'm still a junior member. It cuts down on the spamming, apparently, but it's damn irritating.

Well, I had a look at the thread, which is now closed unfortunately, but I saw that somebody managed to notice The Dark Mod, and requested it be put on the January Edition of the NAG DVD (which is available in December), and put a link to ModDB before I could say anything, which is cool. The guy said it reminded him of Thief. You don't say... rolleyes

This doesn't mean it will definitely be on the DVD, but I'm hoping it does make it, seeing as I am not downloading it myself. It's too big, and I'm all ready struggling to get a hold of the Duke Nukem 3D Special Polymer Edition HRP which is large enough as it is.

Other good possibilities that were suggested were:

Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy (fan-made movie)
Left for Dead 2 demo


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