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AAA Update: Weird Arial Font Anomaly and 700 posts

It was funny for a while, but then I became quite worried. For the past few months I've been using and experimenting with different fonts on AAA. My Arial font became messed up for some reason or other. And this not only happened on the blog, but also on every website I visited, and even on my desktop. I got kind of worried, thinking it might be some sort of virus or something.

Anyway, the other day, I went in to my fonts folder in Windows and all I did was try to copy and paste the font, thinking that it would correct the problem. I found I couldn't copy it though, so I exited out of that folder, and what do you know, something clicked and my Arial font is back to normal. I prefer using this as my standard font to some of the others, as Times New Roman is too small at its average size. I also once heard that people who use Times New Roman are unoriginal, and don't know how to change the font.

On another note, AAA has now reached, and exceeded 700 posts, whether it's about updates to the blog, news, reviews or other things I've published, or just plain old random magic.


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