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The Verge Going off the air at the end of May


If you watched the live broadcast of The Verge last night, you would have heard Pippa Tshabalala say at the end of the show that The Verge is going off the air.

Not to worry too much though, seeing as it’s a temporary break which will last for two months. The May 31st edition of the show, next Monday, will be the last one, only to resume again in August.

The other shows such as PlayR, The Ginx Files, and GameFace will continue to be broadcast.

Reasons for the hiatus weren’t really given, but one could speculate that The Verge is possibly undergoing a change of format. The Verge has all ready been pushed back to a later time slot on Vuzu [22:30 instead of 21:30], and was also dropped from four days a week to two [Mondays and Wednesdays]. It’s also, as I mentioned, a live show, whereas PlayR is taped. The Verge has been showing since the 1st of December, 2008.

Anyway, this is just pure speculation on my part. I’ve checked the official website and the Facebook page to see if any word has been put out, but nothing at the moment.


Source: The Verge



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