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Mass Effect Movie is Coming – Take Cover

MassEffect I finally got round to finishing Mass Effect 2 the other day. I got side-tracked and started playing other games over the past few months, but I eventually got around to completing the main quest for Mass Effect 2. Now there’s just the side quests that I haven't done yet.

Wait! What’s this? A Mass Effect movie is coming? Yes, the rights to the Mass Effect movie have been snapped up by Legendary Pictures, and scriptwriter Mark Protosevich is going to… well, write the script for it. He’s previously worked on films such as I Am Legend.

Some say that Mass Effect, considered one of the greatest science-fiction series ever created, could potentially become the new Star Trek or Star Wars. It feels more like Star Trek to me, actually.

But, then again, like the title suggests: it might not be that great, considering the quality of most game-to-movie adaptations.


Source: Mass Effect video game on way to movie screen [heatvisionblog]



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