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How to Fix it: Metro 2033 [Problems, Glitches etc.]

Metro2033 After experiencing some problems with Metro 2033 post-install and in-game, I googled some of these errors and so on to see if anyone else was experiencing them. And I did find some ways to overcome them. I thought I would post a collection  of methods to overcome them in a post as part of a potentially new series for the blog.

I’ve dealt with Quake II and Deus Ex in the past, though.

Okay, so the problems likely start after the install, like with most people.

The first error I came across was this one that reads: “This application has failed to start because X3DAudio1_7.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”


How to fix this? Update your DirectX drivers. With Windows XP you’d obviously need DirectX 9.0, and with Vista, DirectX 10; Windows 7, DirectX 11.

So, you then start the game and it crashes. I would have taken a picture of this but I forgot. What to do? Install Nvidia PhysX drivers which the game needs.

Okay, now the third problem I encountered with the game was a glitch in the game. You’ll encounter this in the one Market place with Bourbon. He tells you to buy some filters for your gasmask, and when you come back, he starts to talk to you, and afterwards, turns his back and just stands there.

This doesn’t happen to everyone, as my brother, whose also played the game, didn’t encounter this glitch. If you do, what should do is walk up to Bourbon, and as he starts talking, stay close to him and move around him so his body follows you and he is facing the other direction. If you move to far away from him, then he will stop talking and just stand there.

The aim is to get him to face the area with the turnstile, and get him to walk over there so he can chat with the one guard and eventually the both of you go through the big doors and up to the surface.

There may well be more errors, glitches, and so that will crop up. If I experience any more, I will post them here. If you experience any, then post them in the comments, and I will follow it up after trying to find a solution, and add it to the post as well as possibly in the comments section.



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