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NAG Magazine June 2010 Issue Delayed

There I was. It was Wednesday, and I thought hmm, the new NAG out to be out tomorrow. Then I checked the official website to see if a post had been made with the usual forum thread concerning the June issue.

I only discovered that the issue has been delayed for one week. That means it will only be out next week on Thursday – June the 3rd. Even the cover and the contents page aren’t able to be previews until Monday next week.

So if you were looking for the NAG, knowing that the last Thursday of the month is when it should appear, now you know why you more than likely didn’t find it. And no, the one with the Red Dead Redemption cover is last month’s issue.

The explanation for this is that because of that stupid bloody volcano in Iceland, the Cover DVDs, which I think NAG has printed overseas instead of here nowadays, aren’t able to come over this week and play. And not only that, but that bloody stupid 2010 World Cup nonsense also has something to do with it.

“The June issue of NAG, which you might have been expecting to see on shelf tomorrow, has been delayed until next week Thursday, the 3rd of June. Unfortunately, due to a combination of volcanic ash blah blah and the tons of FIFA World Cup stuff coming into the country, getting our cover DVD in on time has been impossible. We apologise for this delay, but rest assured that this issue will be well worth the wait. Check in on Monday for all the details.”

You see? It’s not just international, but national stuff that’s screwed it up. That’s why I can’t wait until it’s all over. I’ve had to listen to this 2010 stuff for the last six years. And no: I have little national pride, and I don’t like soccer either. So shoot me.

Rant over. Anyway, it’s just one week. If it was a month, I’d have been pi$$ed.


Source: Delayed! NAG Online - [NAG Magazine] Delayed! [NAG Online Forums]



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