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Tonight: Chuck Norris’s World Combat League [TV]

WCL First it was Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling which cropped up on SABC 3 earlier this year, and now we get to see the legendary Chuck Norris with his show, World Combat League.

It’s a full contact sport, where two teams, each consisting of five men and one woman, take on each other, with various disciplines included - basically like mixed martial arts like UFC, minus the cage.  The only thing out of bounds is, ironically, wrestling – seeing as it goes against the idea of a fast paced match.

The team who gains the most points wins.

The WCL was originally founded by Chuck Norris back in 2005, and the television series came about later. Season one was strictly an American affair it seems, but season two is said to be airing worldwide.

WCLS1It’s destined to be a major hit here in SA, seeing as ETV in particular goes nuts over anything to do with wrestling, fighting, and Chuck Norris.

For those of you who are interested, Season One of World Combat League is available to own on DVD, along with the special edition, called “Greatest Knockouts and Knockdowns”.

Let the corny Chuck Norris jokes commence.

World Combat League debuts on ETV tonight, May 24, 2010, at 20:00.



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