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Metro 2033 Does Full Russian Speech with Subtitles


You know when you play S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and most of the dialogue from characters in the background is in Russian? Like when you’re walking along and a bunch of people are sitting around a campfire, for instance. They speak their native tongue.

And then there’s the speech in combat, particularly in Shadow of Chernobyl, where they speak in Russian.

Then you get the people who are important to the whole plot and talk to the player, and speak English in that typical accent for the most part. And of course there’s the written dialogue which is almost always in English.

Well, in Metro 2033, set to come out next month, there is an option to turn on full Russian dialogue, accompanied by subtitles, when characters are speaking. So that’s like watching a foreign film that has subtitles. I assume that the subtitles in Metro 2033 will be in English, otherwise if it were Russian speech and Russian subtitles – that would be pretty hardcore right there, if you don’t understand a blind word of Russian, anyway.

And it’s also been confirmed that other international versions will have subtitles in their native tongue. And the French version even has an option to turn on spoken French dialogue. I don’t think many developers have really ever bothered with doing much of this. Subtitles maybe, but recorded dialogue for different territories playing a game…

So far Metro 2033 supports English, Russian, and French dialogue, and maybe more.

Hey, in related news, Metro 2033 has been featured on a list of 15 “under the radar games for 2010”.


Source: Metro 2033 on Twitter - Destructoid



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