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Metro 2033 Details: Upgrade Weapons, Idle Animations


4A Games has been very talkative on Metro 2033’s twitter account, and instead of just superfluous fluff, a lot of details on the game have been given, and the latest titbit is about the weapons in the game.

Of course the games contemporary, and dare I say it, rival, Stalker, boasts a large selection of different weapons to use, and after Shadow of Chernobyl, even upgrade.

Well, Metro 2033 is going to feature the same sort of thing. According to them, you can upgrade you guns with silencers, scopes, extended barrels and more. Upgrading guns is probably just as fun if not more so than shooting them, and that was one thing I liked about Stalker: Clear Sky, despite its many other problems. You can see on the picture above that it looks as though you can attach bayonets for close quarters combat as well.

Then they go on about something called idle animations. What this means is when you stand still for too long, or the gun stands still (AKA not firing it), then the player character will do some things with it. In some games (Soldier of Fortune comes to mind), the player will start to play with his weapon (stop it, not that weapon), or sway his arm around, point the gun around, etc. So I assume it’s something like that.

Nothing revolutionary, but some games have it and others don’t. Some people I know hate idle weapon animations because they’re distracting.

In other related news, the site had to be taken down because of a major influx of traffic. So the teaser website is back up again.

And some people still think that this is one game which nobody knows about. I think it’s still garnering enough attention. Proper singleplayer campaign, no multiplayer, and it looks awesome.


Source: Metro 2033 on Twitter



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