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Fallout: New Vegas Coming Mid-2010, New Trailer

FNV I seem to recall a while back, in fact it was last month, that this title was said to be coming this year. Now the word is that Fallout: New Vegas will be coming in “Fall” this year, but by saying, that they’re referring to the Northern Hemisphere, so to clear things up a bit for us down in the Southern part of  the world: somewhere in the middle of 2010. I remember reading it was about June, but Fall could mean somewhere in a three month target.

In addition to this, a trailer for the game has been released, showing a glimpse of what the trip to Las Vegas, or what’s left of it, will be like.

Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas is being developed by Obsidian, published by Bethesda, and it should be out this year. The game is not a sequel to Fallout 3 or any other Fallout title, but is classified as more of a spin-off title in the same series or universe. It does take place on the West Coast of the former United States, more akin to the first Fallout games, and unlike Fallout 3 which took place for the most part on the East Coast, in Washington D.C.

I’m a little doubtful about the Fall release date actually. Even though it’s been in development for some time, we’ve hardly seen anything of the game, although, the word is we’ll be hearing and seeing more of it soon. So things could be looking up.


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