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Local Video Game and Technology Deals at Incredible Connection


Today I received a brochure from Incredible Connection in the morning paper, The Cape Times. Yes, as it turns out, February is Trade-in& Upgrade month at Incredible Connection. I now remember this, because last year this time I went there and traded in my old CRT monitor and got a few hundred rand off of a 19” Acer LCD screen, which has given me no problems whatsoever so far in the year I’ve had it.

Now this year there are some new deals, and I’m going to just put a few of the ones that appeal to you and me here:

The one that will likely interest you is this one. You can trade in any console whatsoever and receive R500 off of an Xbox 360 Elite, which usually sells for R3199,95. The trade in price would then be R2699,95, and the Elite comes bundled with two games – Batman: The Videogame (not Arkham Asylum, unfortunately) and Pure.

So if you have an Atari 2600 lying around, you can get rid of it and get this. But from watching The Verge the other night, it seems some people still play with these old systems. Up to you…

You can also trade in any handset or cellphone and receive R1500 off of a BlackBerry Storm 9520. That’s another big deal.

There are other deals on cellphones, digital cameras, printers, monitors, and lots of other stuff. No PC or console games, though.

You better hurry though, because this Trade-in& Upgrade deal only lasts from today (Thursday, the 4th of February) until the 7th (Sunday). Only four days, but I seem to remember the last time it was longer. Oh, well.

By the way, you can also check out the Incredible Connection Blog for this information as well.


Incredible Connection Blog



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