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Aliens vs. Predator Multiplayer Demo Out Today, Available on Steam for PC


There were rumours on the net this week (I remember reading about in on the 2nd) that the AvP demo would be coming out this week. There was promise of a demo quite a while back all ready.

Initially That Videogame Blog spotted that it would be released on Xbox Live this week, but it’s since been revealed that the demo will come out on all platforms including the Xbox 360, PC, and the PS3.

The catch? It’s multiplayer only, obviously and sadly meaning no singleplayer. It should be on Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network as I’m typing this. The good news accompanying the announcement from Sega is that new screenshots and a trailer have been released as well. I’m going to have a look at those some time.

The demo is said to include one map from the game, with one game type, deathmatch, and all three species, the marine, the Xenomorph (Alien), and the Predator being playable.

So, it is a pre-release demo after all, just about two weeks before the full release, which should happen on the 16th of February, 2010.


Sources: That Videogame Blog - Big Download - Shacknews



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