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The Sims 3 was the Top Selling PC Game of Last Year

screenshot321 Modern Warfare 2 may have racked up a lot of achievements, and been the all round best selling game of 2009, but as for the PC, it was something a little less violent.

EA says that The Sims 3 was the best selling PC game, retail wise, of 2009, but of course it had about five months more to do it in. The Sims 3 was released in June last year, while MW2 was in November. If it had been different, well, it might have been different.

EA even goes on to claim that The Sims 3 is one of the best selling PC games ever, and that the expansion, World Adventures, is one of the best selling expansions of 2009. And The Sims 3 is also part of another achievement: the sixth year that a Sims title has been a top best selling game. I guess that some of the other years would have been 2000 and 2004 when the prequels were released, respectively.

A lot of blowing-your-own-horn there.

And here I was thinking that nobody really played the game anymore. I do from time to time.


Source: Big Download



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