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NAG’s Cast Your Vote for Another DVD Vote

NAG Magazine is at a crossroads.

The important announcement hinted at on the NAG forums recently was in the middle (well, nearly) of the magazine with “Important Vote” printed in big bold letters on a yellow spread (as in two pages, not Melrose, numb nuts).

For a long time, people have been complaining about the fact that the cover DVD just doesn’t feature all the stuff that we want on there. Instead, all we get is a whole bunch of trailers, and some demos. But as NAG explains, the stuff  on there is all ready taking up a lot of space as it is. We all seem to forget (including me, perhaps) that game demos are gigabytes in size nowadays, and game trailers, particularly HD versions, are hundreds of megabytes. They don’t put YouTube quality stuff on the cover DVD for the most part, bless them.

Anyhow, this is what NAG had to say on the matter, if you haven’t picked up the February issue yet (available as of Thursday, the 28th).

Look, NAG is currently at about R42,00 per issue, and that includes the NAG cover DVD, which is 9 GB of stuff (usually trailers for the most part, but also some demos, drivers, patches, and stuff). So add R10 and it goes up to R52,00 per issue, but you get two cover DVDs with 18 GB of stuff. Probably one will have all the usual stuff, and the other will have all the awesome stuff, or maybe there will be some sort of order.

Remember when NAG was R18, and it came with one cover CD with about 750 MB of stuff? And then it went up to R24, and eventually it featured two cover CDs, and then along came the DVD, which was a regular DVD (4.7 GB), before being boosted up to a 9 GB dual layer or double layer. So it only makes sense that two DVDs is the next step, and eventually one day, it’ll probably be a Blu-ray disc.

So, come on: vote Yes and send it to 32541 and let’s get the bloody Dark Mod on one of the next two Cover DVDs. Or if you don’t want that, then let’s put something equally as big on one of them.

I mean, if you think about it, R52 is easier to shell out. R42 is two twenties or four tens and R2, where as R52 is just one note and R2. Okay, that was lame, but think about it. People often have fifties, and some small change, whereas if you ask them for smaller note denominations than that they start panicking, and ask if you have change for a fifty. It might even be better if they rounded it off and made it R50, but anyway…

Oh, and when you vote (I voted Yes, naturally), you get a little message in return:

“Thank you for voting, thereby helping us bring you the NAG you want!”

You’re welcome. Thank you.

By the way, in addition to voting, there’s a forum thread over at NAG’s website where you can discuss not only the February issue, but also there’s a poll where you can vote on the issue at hand: whether to have an extra DVD or not.

So, look, if you buy the magazine, or if you read it, even at the doctor’s office, just vote. I know how a lot of people don’t vote in the elections, but unlike that, this actually matters.



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