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Resurgence in Rickets in the U.K.: Games Blamed

I read this the other day and even talked about it to someone.

It’s been found that rickets, a disease chiefly caused by lack of Vitamin D, is making a comeback in the United Kingdom (England and other places for those of you who don’t know). It’s become increasingly common, and rickets was thought to have all but died out years ago.

Among the things that people do that can lead to rickets is lack of exercise, not getting out in the sun enough, and poor diet. And this can cause bow legs, cancer, and even diabetes.

Sitting inside all the time playing games and watching TV, surfing the internet. These are the things that doctors are saying are to blame. And they may be right. Remember kids, take a break every hour for at least fifteen minutes, go outside, eat your veggies, drink your milk and other stuff, you know. If you’re over 18, then dammit, you should know better by now.

Hell, where I am right now, I could never sit inside all day. It’s way too hot, so I go for a splash in the pool sometimes.

My dad has type 2 diabetes, and I reckon it’s in no small part due to his sitting around all day, and constant eating.


Source: Industry Gamers



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