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Medal of Honor: Two Developers, Two Engines

So we’ve all known for some time that Medal of Honor will be essentially two different games. The singleplayer will be handled by EALA (EA Los Angeles), and the multiplayer will be done by DICE, the traditional Battlefield guys.

But it’s now been revealed that the two separate parts of the game will use different engines. The singleplayer will use the Unreal Engine 3, and the multiplayer will use the Frostbite engine, also used in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. You could argue that this is due to familiarity, but keep in mind that Mirror’s Edge, developed by DICE, used Unreal Engine 3.

Okay, so some say it stole the idea of taking place in the Middle East from Modern Warfare, but this may be the game that Modern Warfare 2 should have been. It’s either this, or Bad Company 2. One of them has to be. Unless the new Call of Duty makes its presence known this year, and it probably will, as history dictates.


Source: That Videogame Blog - Big Download



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