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Important Vote from NAG February 2010 Edition: Two Cover DVDs, or Not?

The below was part of another post, but I decided to feature it on it’s own seeing as it would have made the other post too big. Read this, and then move on the my original post. This was just copied from the February 2010 issue of NAG magazine.

“With game demos, patches, videos, DLC, toolsets, syndicated television shows, and modifications getting bigger each month, we’re always removing files we would have otherwise loved to see on the NAG DVD. So the situation is as flollows:

You get to vote for one of the two options:

Vote Yes. We increase the price of NAG by R10 and add a second DVD; or

Vote No. We don’t change anything.

Some Clarification:

  • The R10 is split down the middle with half of it going to our magazine-distribution company (yes, we know, the world isn’t fair) and the other half actually paying for the production of the DVD, the plastic sleeve, the paper insert, and finally the inserting of it into the plastic bag with NAG magazine.
  • We will run requests on the NAG website and via e-mail to ensure that we put what you want on the extra space.
  • We are looking for a very strong indication of what everyone wants, so each and every vote counts and is very important to us. Make sure you have your say…Please ask to borrow a parent’s cellphone if necessary.
  • The SMS price is the cheapest we’re allowed to have, and all SMS proceeds will go to charity (kids, animals, or the environment)

Further motivation:

When we had all the various files collected and collated and collaborated and convened for this month’s DVD, the total was somewhere over 21 GB. We then removed all the rubbish, unknown garbage, and ridiculous Japanese game trailers, and were left with 18 GB of decent content. This isn’t even counting all the various game modifications (too many too list), maps (a nice Left 4 Dead map based on a Zombie movie, at 1 GB), user-created videos (we had about six), large movie trailers like Iron Man 2 and Clash of the Titans, artwork and screenshots from making up this issue of NAG, and so on and so forth. Each issue we’re always reducing, removing, and limiting.

Vote Yes. We increase the price of NAG by R10 and add a second DVD; or

Vote No. We don’t change anything.

SMS Yes or No to 32541

SMSes charged at R1 each. Voting line closes on 24 February 2010.”



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