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Wolf and a Half: Wolf 3D mod for Half-Life 2, Demo out now

e4m30000 I read about this on Bluesnews as well as I had a change to have a look at it today, this Wolfenstein 3D mod for HL2.

There’s not a whole lot of detail, certainly not as much as you’d expect from a mod built in the source engine, but it does retain a kind of Wolf 3D feel to it, when I look at the screenshots. And I like that, because I’ve always liked Wolfenstein 3D.

I’ve heard of this mod before, and now this time the big news is that a demo including 5 maps has been made available for download.

Also, this guy is in need of some new team members for his mod company, S.D.A., so if you know something about modding, help him out.

So there’s a Wolf 3D mod for HL2, but I also know of a Wolf3D mod for Doom 3, which looks even better, I think, although this mod, the last time I read about it, was “put on ice”.



Wolf3D in Half-Life 2



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