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Medal of Honor: The Selected Few – a mod for MoHAA


00326692 I read about this on N4G and Strategy Informer. This mod makes visual improvements to the ageing game, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (from 2002) with some new textures and models.

Recently the 0.1 Beta version was released, which means what you see is only just a fraction of the work that still needs to be done. This is visible in the shots. Some of the redone uniforms look better (there are sleeveless shirts like the one in the screen to the right), but overall00326705 I felt underwhelmed.

It’s obviously still a work in progress, and a new mod at that, so it’ll hopefully get better with time. Don’t know if I’ll download it and try it myself, seeing as if it’s one game I played to death years ago, it was MoHAA. I especially liked the Omaha beach level, which was essentially the game’s version of the opening beach battle in Saving Private Ryan. Still cool though.




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