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Black Mesa Source Delayed Some More

An interesting mod that I’ve been following for years, Black Mesa Source, was destined for a 2009 release. Big Download posted recently news that the mod has been delayed into 2010, after reading a forum thread over at the website’s forums.

Black Mesa Source, if you’re not in the know, is a mod for Half-Life 2, whereby using the  source engine, the original Half-Life is being recreated. Nicer graphics, better physics, better gameplay, and some cool weapons if you check out the screens in their media section.

“We come to you once again with an update. It's now the end of 2009, and we know many of you have literally counted the days down until this fateful month. We are floored by the level of support you have given us and are very excited we're so close to reaching our goal.

Unfortunately, to our great disappointment, Black Mesa will not make a 2009 release.

Once again we apologize for what has to be very disappointing news. We placed a 2009 deadline on ourselves to motivate us and bring this 6 year project to a close. And while we didn't quite make it, we have come very close, and you can expect a complete, polished game to hit your hard drives in the near future. We'll be sure and update if anything changes. Until then, hang tight, it's coming!”

6 Years! That’s longer than the Dark Mod which recently saw a beta release. Some people are all ready re-naming this mod “Half-Life Forever”. Yes, there’s a full 20 pages of b*tching over at the thread if you’re interested.


Sorry; no Black Mesa Half-Life 2 mod in 2009



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