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Not Another List: 7 Best New Horror Games for Halloween

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I thought since it's October and it will soon be Halloween, I'd have a look at a list on GamePro, called "7 Best New Horror Games for Halloween".

As much as I'd like to slap one of the dudes for using "FAIL" in his comment, he's right in a way, this list isn't really good at all. Half of these games I wouldn't consider to be horror titles, and some of them are only coming out next year, never mind October, this year. Aliens vs. Predator is probably one of the only title on there that I will play, and that's coming out in February. I still wouldn't necessarily label it as horror as much as "thriller" or "sci-fi". It'll likely have some scary moments in it though. There are a couple of no-brainers on there like Left 4 Dead 2, which Valve says is going to outsell Left 4 Dead by a mile, even despite the whole boycott business.

BioShock 2 isn't a horror title.

Maybe I should talk about some of my favourite scary games sometime. They would be games from the past though. Clive Barker's Undying would be in there for sure.



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