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The Dark Mod v 1.0 Released

I only talked about this the other day when I read an update on the official site of the mod, and when I followed a link from The Dark Mod discussion thread on the forum, I saw that it had indeed been released today! I thought it would take at least another two months or so.

The bad news: this sucker is 1.4 GB to download. That's more than twice as big as T2X was. The Dark Mod is free though, in a way.
BTW, I've read so far that to download the thing is a b*tch.

Anyhow, to play this mod, you're going to need Doom 3. Now stop whining- you can get it in a lot of places if you know where to look. There's Amazon and Steam. I managed to pick it up at BT Games for about R 100, 2 or 3 years ago. So if you look around, you might get a good deal. Doom 3 isn't a bad game either, so it will be worth it. You also need to get the 1.3.1 patch for Doom 3, last time I checked. See here for more installation notes and stuff.

And I will try to get NAG magazine to put this on one of their next cover DVDs, because as much as I want it, and I have data to spare at the moment, this is a bit too big.


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