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The Dark Mod Might Be Released by the end of the Year

There's a mod I've been following on and off for about the last the last two or three years, and that's The Dark Mod, a thief-inspired mod for Doom 3. The beta is going to be released possibly this year, but you never know, there were mutterings about that last year too. There will be 3 FMs that will come with it, but I'm not sure if these will include the two missions that were put online at one point, "Thief's Den" and "The Tears of St. Lucia". If it does, then there's at least one other mission, and from what I've read on the site, this might be the training mission talked about.

At one point I sent an e-mail to NAG magazine to try and get them interested in the mod so that they might one day put some FMs (fan missions) and such on their Cover DVD. They promised a preview in their October 2007 issue, but that never came to pass. If they don't bite, then I'll have to try PC Format, one of their chief rivals.


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