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Classics I'm Playing Now: Redneck Rampage, Marathon 2

I just downloaded ProAsm's Redneck Rampage port the other day- at least I think it's a port. It allows you to play Redneck Rampage on a modern OS, like Windows XP. So I got Redneck Rampage out and put the necessary files in the folder and started playing it.

What urged me to do all of this was an article I read in NAG magazine lately. There was a "Looking Back" feature which had a write-up and pictures of the game, and I just thought, Yeah, I'd like to play this now. It's been a while.

So, I'm sure eventually I'll get a Classic Games article up on my HP profile sometime about it. At the moment I'm about 90- 95% done on a review/article about Megadeth's latest album, Endgame.

I also had a look at a PC Format DVD which I "borrowed" from my brother (He was pi$$ed off about it! Ha ha!) and found Aleph One. This is a source port which allows you to play Marathon 2, which was originally available for PC, as well as the other two games in the trilogy, Marathon and Marathon Infinity, which were only for Mac. These games have conversions that were made for the PC.

Once again, I'll likely have an article up about this in the future some time.


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