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Real names of guns in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Have you ever wondered what the real names of the guns in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl or Clear Sky are?

I came across this mod for the game at FileFront that lists them!

STALKER Real Gun Names mod v.3 by Kyodan

Black kite -> IMI Desert Eagle
UDP Compact -> H&K USP Compact
Obokan -> AN-94 Abakan
Sniper Obokan -> AN-94 Abakan (Sniper)
Storming Obokan -> AN-94 Abakan (Tactical)
GP-25 Kostyer -> GP-25 Kastyor Launcher
M203 -> M203 Launcher
Akm 74/2 -> AK-74
Fast-shooting Akm 74/2 -> AK-74 (Rapid)
Akm 74/2U -> AK-74SU
Akm 74/2U special -> AK-74SU (Special)
Martha -> Beretta 92FS
Sawn-off dbl-barrel -> Sawn-off Shotgun
Noiseless kora -> Colt M1911 (Silenced)
Kora-919 -> Colt M1911
Big Ben -> Big Boy
FT 200M -> FN F2000
Fort-12Mk2 -> Fort 12
GP 37 -> H&K G36
Gauss gun -> Flash Rifle
Tunder S14 -> Groza OC-14
"Tunder" 5.45 -> Groza OC-14 (5.45mm)
IL 86 -> Enfield L85A2
Balance IL 86 -> Enfield L85A2 (Balanced)
Lightened IL 86 -> Enfield L85A2 (Tactical)
TRs 301 -> ZM LR-300ML
Sniper TRs 301 -> ZM LR-300ML (Sniper)
Viper 5 -> H&K MP5A5
Viper 5 9x18 -> H&K MP5A5 (9x18mm)
Noiseless Viper -> H&K MP5A5 (Silenced)
Noiseless pistol (PB1s) -> PB 6P9 (Silenced)
PMm -> Makarov PM
Bulldog-6 -> RG-6
Bulldog-6 m209 -> RG-6 (M209)
RPG-7u -> RPG-7
Storming SIP -> SIG SG-550 (Tactical)
Sniper SGI -> SIG SG-550 (Sniper)
SIP-t M200 -> SIG Sauer P220
SGI 5k -> SIG SG-550
SPSA14 -> SPAS-12
Threaded SPSA-14 -> SPAS-12 (Threaded)
Sniper rifle (SVDm 2) -> Dragunov SVD
"Farshooter" SVDm 2 -> Dragunov SVD Mk2
SVUmk2 -> Dragunov SVU
TOS 34 -> TOZ-34
VLA special assault rifle -> AS Val
Sniper VLA -> AS Val Sniper
Vintar BC -> VSS Vintorez
Walker P9m -> Walther P99
Chaser 13 -> Winchester M1300;77804



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