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New May edition of NAG magazine out

I waited right up until now, the 30th of April, the end of the month, to get the latest edition of this once great magazine.

Besides the feature on Assassin's Creed 2, there was nothing really astounding in it. The reviews consisted of average or below average games, and not to mention it's about 50 to 100 pages too short- not the near 200 page beast it once was. As far as the cover DVD goes, it's just filled with trailers, and this is how it has been for a while.

I can see that the recession we're going through has something to do with this, but we just filled out a whole reader survey not that long ago where we gave our opinions on what we wanted more of and less of. Somehow I always want more out of NAG. Maybe as the year progresses- the July E3 issue should be worth a look, especially since E3 has come back for real and not the embarrassment it was for the past couple of years.


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