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Bethesda gets Busy…Ruining other People’s Plans

Bethesda is going to be pi$$ing two camps off now- Elder Scrolls fans, and Aliens and/or Predator fans.

The next Elder Scrolls installment will be a novel and then another after it.

Fans of the Elder Scrolls will have to be content with Morrowind and Oblivion for the foreseeable future as Bethesda has turned over the work of writing two novels to continue the series to Greg Keyes, to be released this year. The first book is called The Infernal City.

Bethesda’s also busy with their game, WET, and in addition to this, they’ve given Fallout: New Vegas to Obsidian, who was supposed to be developing an Aliens RPG at one point, and they’ve given Rogue Warrior to Rebellion, supposed to be developing Aliens vs. Predator.



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