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Thievious Update: Medieval Magical Mayhem

Thievious is another Thief-inspired mod for Doom 3, much like The Dark Mod. Except it’s aim is to be a multiplayer coop game, and in addition to this, the latest update for the game sees you using magical powers, perhaps inspired by the Pagan Shamans and Hammerite Priests from the Thief series, or even the Imps from the Doom series. Who knows? Maybe both.


These powers include the conjuring of fireballs, like the picture shows, as well as manipulating the environment with telekinesis.

The picture above likely looks a little fuzzy because it might well be a screen taken from a clip of the gameplay. Either that or it’s a LQ screenshot.



Thievious Work In Progress Update 3 [ModDB]
Thievious Update 3 [PlanetDoom]



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