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Apocalypse Then: Pac-Man Turns 30 This Month


Pac-Man Turns 30

That old classic, Pac-Man, turns 30 years old this month. It first came out in 1980, on May 22nd in Japan. It arrived later on the same year in the US and became a major hit, becoming a game that many recognize and associate with gaming, along with Space Invaders, Pong, and Asteroids.

It was originally developed and published by Namco, and made it’s debut on arcade machines.

Gameplay looks rather simple. All you do is control pac-man, the yellow blob, who has to avoid the ghosts, while collecting all the dots. He can also get the power pellets which allow him to eat the ghosts for a time. The whole whole intention of the game is to see who can get the highest score; going through many, many levels to get there. Over 250.

I remember first playing it years ago on my brother’s old PC – I can’t remember what it was. It didn’t have Windows on it. This was the early nineties.



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