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BT Games’ New Facebook Group Up, Exclusive Deals for Members

bt-games BT Games has a pokey little store in Tygervalley Shopping Centre that I might have frequented once or twice, but make no mistake – they’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to video game retail. Not to mention that they except trade-ins of second hand games for credit on new ones – or so I’ve heard. And I often see these BT Games coupons in NAG Magazine too.

Now there’s an official BT Games Facebook group up, and to go a long with this there are perks for people who join.

These are reportedly time-limited special deals on games, consoles and so on, but are only for members of the group, and entail you having to have a password as well. So it sounds as though you’ll have to go on the Facebook Group page, see the deal, get the password, rush like hell to a BT Games store near you, remember the password, get the deal. If you forget the password or arrive too late: you lose, you go home, you cry yourself to sleep.



Source: BTGames Expands its Social Networking Circle, Includes Awesome Specials [LazyGamer]



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