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Fallout: New Vegas Details, Collector’s Edition

fnvmayLast week there were a whole lot of Fallout: New Vegas previews and “first looks” that it was hard to sift through them all. All in all it was nothing we’d not heard of before.

Fallout: New Vegas will take place on the West coast of the former United States, or Capital Wasteland, rather than the Eastern Coast like in Fallout 3. It will however use the same engine as Bethesda’s title, but with a of of improvements. The player character will start off in Goodsprings Nevada. The character ends up getting shot in the head, and is later rescued by Vegas Vic, a robot who acts as an assistant to Doctor Mitchell. He heals you, and after that you can start with the character creation process. Unlike before, where you started off as a baby, child, and then progressed on as the tenacious teenager, this time you can choose your age.

Not to mention that there’s a hardcore mode which will make your life more miserable and probably more realistic in the game.

Here’s some more new screenshots by the way:

fnvmay (1) fnvmay (2)fnvmay (3) fnvmay (4)

Other interesting, and probably unsurprising, news is that Fallout: New Vegas will receive a Collector’s Edition. Obvious since the game is set around what was formerly known as Las Vegas, the pack will offer “Lucky 7” poker chips, a "Lucky 38" platinum chip, a deck of cards with illustrations of characters in the game, "The Making of Fallout: New Vegas" DVD – a documentary with some behind the scenes stuff, and a hardcover graphic novel called "All Roads", which basically tells the story leading up to that of the game.

The price of this Edition has been set for the PC as $69.99. By the way, there are some folk who are confident that this will outsell Fallout 3, if that’s possible.



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