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AAA – Now Playing: Doom 64

title-doom64tcWell, actually it’s the TC for the PC called Absolution. It’s years old now, and I haven’t played it for a long time. I didn’t get around to finishing it either.

It’s not considered apart of the main Doom series, or even canon, by some; it lacks some of the demons from Doom and Doom II, and the existing ones had a makeover. And there are other things that make it feel like it isn’t really Doom. It does feel more like a Quake game, now that some people mention it. But it’s still good, and still worth a try.

One of these days I also want to try out Doom 64 EX, which is a “more accurate” direct port of the game, rather than a TC like Absolution is, for Doomsday, or JDoom, I believe.


I remember seeing Doom 64 for the first time when I was a child, and I read about it in an issue of some magazine. I can’t even recall the name. But there was a massive preview of it with plenty of screenshots and so on. I wanted it so badly. Who knew that it would be ten years later after that, in 2007, that I actually got around to playing it. I downloaded the TC, the maps, the soundtrack pack, and after that I think I just lost interest. Weird.

Now after having played through Doom 3 again, I thought: why not? So I got everything set up again just this week and started it up.



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