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Video Game Comics: Hex in the City

This is just a new idea I came up with for the blog. In these posts, however rare an occurrence they are, will just have cartoons or some photoshopped images or something. I’m working on a new one at the moment for Mass Effect 2. I would love to do some for Duke Nukem 3D as well. I like this sort of recyclable art – taking textures and stuff and mixing it up into something cool. Of course the dialogue is mine.

This one below is part of a series that I did years ago, but never got around to doing anymore. I used some textures from Thief II or T2X, or some other resource, and the characters are based on this little hammerite drawing I saw at or KOMAG, for short. I have two others that I’ll put up some time, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to doing any others in this series. I actually had a whole bunch of drawings and ideas that are still sitting on my HD.

Anyway, here’s Hex in the City: Part 1.

Spoiler: If you didn’t know, the character in the last panel is Father Jack Hackett from the British comedy series Father Ted.




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