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Medal of Honor to Bring in the Big Guns


Doesn’t that guy standing on the left remind you of how the guys used to stand in Allied Assault? Like he just sh!t his pants…

Medal of Honor, for most of the franchise, has involved a lot of espionage, secrecy, infiltration, and other covert operations, with the exception of a few moments in some games like Allied Assault (remember the horrors of the Normandy landings on Omaha Beach?). But this is set to change, as EA says that the “Big military” is going to play more of a role in this latest title.

“The Tier 1 Operator has really come into their own in this conflict and we're honoured to have had the access to the people we've had access to, and we're really focusing our character story, our narrative, on them and on the soldier, and the respect for the soldier, and honouring the soldier, and really going deep into that.”

“It's about that. It's about small-unit tactics; it's about small-unit methods and procedures, but we also have big army.”

“Big military, I should say, is also in the game. The two units – the two sides - the sledgehammer and the scalpel, cannot work independently of each other. They require each other and depend on each other, and we're showcasing both of those in Medal of Honor.”


Source: [1] IncGamers



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