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Mod Watch: Duke Nukem Eternity


I’m busy playing around with EDuke32, the HRP, Duke Plus, and Polymer at the moment, so I wanted to check up on some of these mods lately. I saw this in the recently updated column on Mod DB.

I’ve known of this mod for EDuke32, called Duke Nukem Eternity, (a jab at Duke Nukem Forever) for some time now. The good news is that a release of a couple of levels should be out this month, hopefully.

Duke Nukem Eternity is a Polymer only mod for EDuke32 which also needs the latest HRP (High Resolution Pack) for the port, and if you thought that regular Duke Nukem 3D looked good with all the improvements made, then you’ll love how this mod looks. Some say it looks nearly as good as Doom 3, graphics wise.


Source: Mod DB



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